Exclusive Acrylic Middle East Industries LLC (EA) specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of architectural features, such as sculptural features, specialist skylights, entrance canopies, fountain features, and custom works of all kinds, exquisite unique balustrades, specialist furniture and accessory items.

Our work includes thermo-forming, compound molding, chemical bonding, machining and fabrication of most plastics, such as Acrylic (PMMA), Polycarbonate (PC), Acetyl-butyl-styrene (ABS) and Poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC). We also use various resins, including Glass-reinforced-plastic projects (GRP), pouring, casting and embedding. We design and own various aluminum and rubber extrusions which serve our custom works. We produce our own high-quality stainless steel work, have a fully qualified team of carpenters, cabinet-makers, steel fabricators and certified welders to compliment our abilities.

EA is well versed in projects ranging from small, one-off custom made specialty items to multi-million dollar architectural features. With a specialization in heavy gauge acrylic fabrication, management has over 25 years of combined experience in myriad custom projects in numerous countries, including:

Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Al Ain – Kuwait – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – Bahrain – Syria – Beijing, China – Brunei – Singapore –France – Thailand – Switzerland – Ethiopia – Australia – United Kingdom

Mr. Bodhi Brandes

Managing Director

Mr. Krishna Mohan

General Manager


Working as a cohesive team of creative, dedicated individuals focused on realizing the vision of becoming an international leader in architectural features, specialist product design, development and manufacture in architectural applications, with acrylic work as a forte. EA is committed to overall excellence, professional service, quality assured results, reliability and general company and individual success.


The acrylic fabrication company was first incorporated as Exclusive Acrylic Pty. Ltd. in 1986 by Bodhi Brandes. The company focused on unique, high quality acrylic furniture and accessories. The next six years saw the company develop its abilities into other fields, growing in size and scope.

It was in 1993 that Exclusive Acrylic had the opportunity to display its ability, innovation and talents, making the world’s largest replica diamond (8.5 tons) in only seven weeks, then air freighting and installing it in Asia. Numerous decorative structures and sculptural projects ensued over the next few years. The years 1997, 1998 and 1999 saw Exclusive Acrylic diversify from Austral-Asia into the Middle East, eventually resulting in the development of Exclusive Acrylic Middle East Industries LLC, (EA). Now, many projects have been installed internationally.

EA continues to provide the international market with unique and beautiful works, re-defining the scope of design applications for custom architectural projects, as well as a unique range of diverse project applications, as well as furniture and fittings.

EA capitalizes on its wealth of technical ability, project experience and its knowledge of the diverse applications for high quality plastics (resins), woodwork and metalwork manufacturing. The company’s marketing efforts are focusing on increasing market awareness of EA. The company is dedicating more resources to market research, public relations and corporate image. Emphasis is placed on developing value-for-money, cost effective designs, working closely with architects, engineers, designers and contracting companies.

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