2nd Spouses Club’s Veronika Obeng Already Divorced From Dr. Michael Obeng Over Inf >

2nd Spouses Club’s Veronika Obeng Already Divorced From Dr. Michael Obeng Over Inf >

Veronika Obeng is featuring on 2nd Wives Club once the THIRD wife, of Dr. Michael Obeng, a fruitful beverly hills synthetic doctor, but the reality is stranger than truth television because now Veronika is their 3rd ex-wife!

perhaps Not just that, but Michael attemptedto block the E! show from airing specific episodes claiming he didn’t subscribe to a show to create their marriage look bad. Um, what about look genuine? Cause your lady caught you cheating, guy!

Veronika and Michael, that have 3 kids together (and five from prior marriages) filed for breakup in July 2016, after Veronika discovered Michael’s affair with a key instagram web page owned by their mistress. That’s worse than being dumped for a post-it note, appropriate?


Regrettably wives that are second had been filming amid Veronika’s breakthrough and she decided to produce Michael’s infidelity public knowledge. Hell hath no fury just like a woman scorned on reality television!

That wasn’t okay with Michael. In case, he claims the show was “staged” and place them in false circumstances created to embarrass their reputation. “The Series ended up being absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing in regards to the couple’s delighted marriage…” alleges Michael’s problem. “The Defendants constantly staged Plaintiff in synthetic circumstances and demanded Plaintiff to engage in disputes that were usually fraudulent and misleading.”

Range reports that Dr. Obeng, through their lawyer, sent a page to E! in August ’16 arguing that the “unrealistic and manufactured personality,” the system forced upon him could be bad for their company once aired. He also demanded which he and their kiddies be retroactively taken out of the show. Interestingly, their page mentions Second spouses Club as being known as “Famously Married.”

Demonstrably Michael’s injunction suit went nowhere since evidenced by the show presently airing featuring both him and his kids. In reality a rep for russian-brides.us/asian-brides the network claimed, “E! hasn’t gotten an issue and will perhaps not discuss this matter.” And, in a meeting, Veronika attests that the depiction of her and Micheal’s failing wedding is all-too accurate!

Veronika informs Bossip things were really even even worse than digital cameras let on, and not just did Michael take part in an event but he additionally cheated with prostitutes! Does this man require some assistance from Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil, maybe?

Veronika never ever envisioned the just just how things would prove whenever subscribed to the show, and states the “negativity” with Michael unfolded naturally “a week after shooting” started.

“ we didn’t know what things to talk about, whenever to share it, or exactly how it would be received,” Veronika explains. “But the greater I’d to manage utilizing the specific situation of my husband’s infidelity while the females on the other part of their life – the hood rats and skanks had been planning to inform my tale, that has been maybe maybe not exactly exactly just what occurred. And so I took all that fear and said that truth had been more essential than being embarrassed.”

“ I decided to live my truth because a lot of females don’t. And I also thought, ‘Why did we join a real possibility tv program rather than live my truth?’ We will not be described as a prisoner to your digital camera or my situation.”

Veronika place every thing into their wedding as well as the company, and scoffs at Michael’s cheating being blamed on her, “Why can I be ashamed? You cheated on me personally. Why would we be ashamed you want hookers?”

Guess what happens that attitude is found by me energizing. Best for Veronika! Much Better than hiding it and never also being honest making use of their kiddies… after all she ended up being expecting and increasing kids, working and he’s caught? Um, no.

She shrugs off accusations that she’s a “gold digger” or that she utilized the problem to achieve popularity. Regarding the show Veronika is shown working in Michael’s training and recounts building the company together. Their divorce or separation just isn’t finalized, and she doesn’t talk about the particulars of settlement, etc.

Veronika defines the show as “empowering” and despite the painful experiencing of reliving the failure of her wedding, she’d “definitely be down for the period two.”

“Life does not stop whenever you learn your guy is unfaithful,” Veronika quips, “that’s when it gets real.” Touche! Really are these two born for reality television or what – talk about crazy drama! And individually, up to now, I’m actually loving this show!

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